Early eSight Architecture - rotated, cropped

It has been our privilege to work with many inspiring MedTech companies over the years. Below are a few of our favourite stories...


eSight develops the world's most advanced wearable video systems of people with severe visual impairment. These Class-I devices can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with extremely limited vision. Gezell has a long rich history with eSight. Our associate Rob Hilkes was the founding employee in the company in 2007, defining the product architecture and leading a small team of engineers to bring this innovation to market.

eSight has grown very well since then. Gezell has provided leadership in several business areas including Product Management, Clinical Testing, Regulatory Approvals, and most recently International Business Development.
SES Logo long (burgundy 2537×869 150ppi)

Sight Enhancement Systems develops innovative products for visually impaired school students, including the world's only large format talking scientific calculators. Gezell provides design services for all  new SES products. Over the years we've developed robotic desktop student cameras, innovative touch-screen UIs for camera control, and of course the venerable "SciPlus" calculators. Gezell also provides day-to-day business management services, ensuring SES operations run smoothly without the financial obligation of additional full-time staff.

iBionics Logo (transparent)

iBIONICS sought to develop the world's most advanced retinal implant device, hoping to restore lost eyesight to people with profound vision loss. In some cases, the "DiamondEye" implant aspired to restore functional vision even to people who were almost completely blind. The DiamondEye had two huge innovations: First, it was the only device entirely encapsulated in diamond material, providing unsurpassed biocompatibility -- truly a "life-long" implant. Second, it was powered entirely via light transmitted into the patient's pupil, obviating the need for any wires, which were the primary cause of bio-rejection and failure in all previous implant technologies. In 2019 most of the retinal implant initiatives around the world ceased operations as investors realized the massive funds required for commercialization of these complex devices outsized the market opportunity. Gezell provided "Virtual COO" services to iBIONICS during it's final year to protect the company's IP, position the technology for acquisition, and wind down operations.

CCyber Logo (transparent)

About one third of the 60 million people with epilepsy worldwide cannot manager their seizure activity with drugs. For these people, the risk of sudden seizure is a huge burden. Carbon Cybernetics is developing a cortical neuromodulation device that will accurately predict seizure activity so that a patient can plan precautionary or even  preventative interventions. Gezell is providing Carbon Cybernetics with the sophisticated integrated circuit chips that control this innovative device.